Parking at Tea Trader

A reminder when coming to the shop here in Inglewood that we do have parking in the alley behind our building…as long as you’re just coming up to see us, you’re welcome to park there for the duration. We’ve even added signs to make sure you’re in the right place!

Welcome to our New Website

We hope you like our new website, we will be using it to tell you about our shop and other local news here in Calgary. You also will, of course, be able to go to our online site, if you want tea to be sent to you or for collection at the shop in Inglewood.

Let us know what you think of it!

Ted, Kate, Joan, Julia, Rhys and Tegen


Tea Trader Says – Welcome to Admiral Grey

Dear Tea Customers,

Many of you will know Admiral Grey and the associated teas that Tea Trader supplies. The original tea was launched in 1995 and Eight Bells, Taeping and Cedarberg Sunrise followed. At that time one of our earliest customers, Bob Newell, developed stories around this intriguing figure.