State of Affairs

While most shops on 9th Avenue SE are now open to the public, we are continuing to fill orders for pick-up at the door only. As you are aware, COVID-19 cases in Alberta are still significant and have been increasing of late with the recently relaxed restrictions.

With the small size of our shop and being located up a set of stairs with no visibility from the interior to the front door, it would be difficult to manage the amount of people in at one time and still allow for proper distancing measures.

Our main concern is for the safety of our customers and our staff…as well as being able to continue providing you your tea! We hope you will remain understanding; we have been encouraged so far by the overwhelming support for this policy from our customers.

Orders for pick-up may be placed over the phone or on our website, When you arrive simply ring the buzzer or call and we will come down as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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