Drink Tea – Establishment Brewing

We continue to be amazed at what becomes of our tea when it leaves the shop…from an essential, everyday ritual cuppa…to fermented kombucha…to, well, this!

From Establishment Brewery’s Instragram account:

“Our barrel-aged beer was just named runner-up for best drink in Alberta in the first-ever Made in Alberta Awards! Your next chance to try some is this weekend.

This Saison spent ten months getting to know Brettanomyces in an intimate Cab Sauvignon french oak setting. It was then introduced to bergamot citrus and black tea (from local gem @tea.trader ), hand packaged, and allowed to naturally carbonate for two months in bottle. Total production time: over a year. Spicy black tea and mouth watering bergamot spin with funky Brett on a dance floor of wheat and pilsner malt.⁣

Bottles hit the taproom this Saturday (Aug31). Limit 3 bottles per person, per day.⁣

This is the 4th and final release of our first Brett Saison series which feature local artist @everydayatelier on the label. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to try all four. “

We can’t recommend it enough! So if you’re interested, be sure to head over as soon as you can…starting August 31st!



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