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Revised 17th June 2017 - Changes for Spring catalogue....
Rooibos is full of beneficial minerals, low in tannins and contains no caffeine. The polyphenols, which give tea its health boost, are also abundant in Rooibos. Enjoy rooibos - hot or iced - with milk, sugar, honey or lemon.

Our prices are indicated in brackets and are in Canadian Dollars. They refer to 125g/250g/500g.


Organic Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00 O)
A fermentation stage during manufacture gives these needle-like leaves more body than most infusions. Rooibos has a distinct, delightful flavour, amber colour in the cup and is enjoying a steady increase in popularity.

Chocolate Coconut Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Delicate cocoa kernels and carob combines with exotic coconut for a heavenly rooibos treat.

Strawberry Chocolate Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
The scent of rosemary complements the sumptuous flavours of rich chocolate and sweet strawberry.

Cream Caramel Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
The rich, creamy taste of caramel with tiny bits of sugared macadamia nuts. What more can you say!

Oranjezicht (13.00/25.00/48.00 O)
Subtle aroma and faint, but unmistakable, tang of orange makes an invigorating brew.

Good Evening Tea (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Need to unwind after a long day? Try this complex but well-balanced rooibos blend: peppermint, chamomile, fennel, lemongrass, balm, cardamom seed, valerian root, pollen, lavender, sage and...zzzzzzz

Cape Doctor (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Having braved the South-Easter our Admiral Grey docked in Simonstown for repairs. His travels rewarded him - the discovery of rooibos which he enhanced to his pleasure!

Ginger Mint Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Spicy ginger and soothing peppermint combine with rooibos and fruit for a refreshing cup – great for after dinner or just a peaceful moment anytime you need it.

Cedarberg Sunrise (13.00/25.00/48.00 O)
Take all the unique qualities of this renowned African bush, rooibos, and add vanilla.

Garden Route (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Rooibos leaves combined with a cornucopia of fruit, delightful to accompany a dessert!

Star Ruby (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Tangy grapefruit meets fruity-fresh pomegranate and takes you on a journey to a faraway place full of secrets.

Sour Cherry Moringa (14.00/27.00/52.00 NEW)
The moringa tree is called Tree of Life in its native region, the Himalaya, and its leaves have a slightly tangy, herbal flavour. Combined with rooibos and sour cherries, this blend is sure to delight. Almond Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Herbal overtones balance the subtle astringency of almond for this mellow and slightly nutty refresher.

Liquorice Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
With the rich, exotic taste of liquorice and a deep, smooth flavour, this is truly a satisfying and comforting brew.

Lemon Vanilla Green Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Another choice for gift to a close friend or to be enjoyed as a treat for youself!

Organic Green Rooibos (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Reported as having even more health giving anti-oxidants, unfermented rooibos has a mild ‘green tea’ taste without astringency.

Caledon Ginger Chai (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Enlivened with hand-crushed spices in a base of Rooibos and Honeybush, enjoy its flavour and goodness without any caffeine or tannins.


Organic Honeybush (13.00/25.00/48.00 O)
Hand gathered from the Cape western shores, honeybush brews a sweet, aromatic infusion.

Honeybush Blueberry (14.00/27.00/52.00)
The combination of the gentle character of honeybush with blueberry pieces and cornflower blossoms makes a refreshing drink which is fruity, creamy, sweet and slightly tart.


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