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Revised 12th December 2017 - Updates to match catalogue....
The third largest producer of tea in the world, almost all is green and consumed within the country. Tea is grown on Kyushu and on the main island, Honshu. The main classifications of tea are Gyokuro, Matcha, Sencha and Bancha.

The bulk of production is sencha, a term which describes a wide range of teas varying in quality, preparation and, of course, price. We stock a Sencha and Organic Genmai Cha. Gyokuro is tea of the highest quality, taken from bushes which are kept in shade for three weeks prior to a single picking of the season.

Our prices are indicated in brackets and are in Canadian Dollars. They refer to 125g/250g/500g.
Organic Genmai Cha (21.00/39.00/75.00 O)
Combine the astringency and pale colour of a Japanese tea with toasted rice to give a decidedly wheaty flavour.

Yame Gyokuro (44.00/50g O)
A prized gyokuro tea with long, fine leaves infusing to give a jade green liquor that is smooth and flavourful.

Gyokuro Asahi (58.00/113.00/223.00)
This hand-made rarity has long pine needle-shaped, dark green leaves and infuses a clear light yellow with fresh grass scent and a highly aromatic taste. Reinfuses many times.

Sencha Fukujyu (21.00/39.00/75.00)
Carefully processed and slightly steamed before rolling and drying, this tea infuses a light olive green colour and offers a strong, distinct flavour.

Organic Bancha (15.00/29.00/56.00 O)
A late harvest tea, bancha is the everyday tea of Japan. Considered healthy, it is low in caffeine and high in Vitamin C.

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