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Revised 15th August 2017 - Changes for Autumn catalogue....
As well as teas, we stock a range of infusions. Typically unblended, our teas are sourced throughout the world and sometimes are a refreshing change from those grown in North America. While known often for their curative properties, these teas present a wonderful spectrum of flavours.
Wildwood (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Reminiscent of a forest in early summer - the sweet taste of strawberry, tartness of rosehip and the clean aftertaste of mint in a bed of elderflower and blackcurrant leaves.

Meadowsweet (14.00/27.00/52.00)
The earthy sweetness of licorice root, tartness of dried fruit and a plethora of flower petals make this an infusion fit for the court of the fairy queen herself.

Organic Tulsi Rose (14.00/27.00/52.00 O)
Holy Basil, an ancient and highly revered Ayurvedic herb, is blended with lavender and rose for a delicate taste.

Organic Tulsi Herb (13.00/25.00/48.00 O)
Bestowing many health benefits, tulsi tastes subtly of mint with a mildly floral and buttery, natural sweetness.

Lemon Verbena (18.00/34.00/65.00)
From Morocco, large uncut leaves infuse to give a pale yellow, light bodied drink with characteristic lemon aroma and taste.

Organic Peppermint (12.00/23.00/44.00 O)
Sharp and refreshing with a lightbodied taste, attractive colour and aroma combine to produce an excellent flavour.

Organic Chamomile Flowers (12.00/23.00/44.00 O)
Infuse four minutes to enjoy its comforting and soothing qualities. Often used as a calmative.

Yerba Maté (12.00/23.00/44.00)
With an astringent, slightly bitter taste and a smooth, smoky top-note, this infusion brews high in matteine and vitamin C.

Ginger Mint Maté (13.00/25.00/48.00)
This sprightly infusion is a hit! Mate, ginger, peppermint and fruit pieces combine to energise and soothe.

Elderflower (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Elderflower cordial is a very refreshing drink: wash a lemon and peel rind thinly. Add lemon rind and sugar to taste, boil water and allow the elderflower to infuse.

Red Raspberry Leaves (12.00/23.00/44.00)
A wild member of the rose family, rich in minerals and vitamins, yielding an astringent, yet soothing, infusion.

Tropical Berry (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Fruits and flowers combine in a riot of colour. Sweetness from strawberry, tartness from hibiscus and delicateness from rose petal result in an infusion with a fruity flavour.
Our prices are indicated in brackets and are in Canadian Dollars. They refer to 125g/250g/500g.

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