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Revised 15th August 2017 - Changes for Autumn catalogue....
Black large leaf China tea with the flavour of your choice. Flavoured teas produce a full colour, medium strength tea which combine well with milk. As an alternative pour cold water on the leaves in a jug and leave to stand overnight in the refridgerator - then drink as a refreshing iced tea.
Blackcurrant (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Black tea and black currant combine for a mouth-watering, refreshing brew. The aroma is quite captivating!

Camden Market (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Good for a winter day...citrus peel and spices combine resulting in a flavoured tea with sharpness and a hint of orange.

Continental Cafe (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Black tea with a sophisticated aroma and taste of vanilla…. Bringing back fond memories of a trip over the pond?

Liquorice with Flowers (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Possessing a fragrance to bring back childhood and dotted with blue petals this tea is lovely to look at, smell and drink.

Tropic Tea (13.00/25.00/48.00)
A profusion of flowers and fruits combined in a black tea to give a full coloured flavoured tea wonderful as an iced tea or as-you-like-it.

Lotus and Flowers (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Laced with lotus flowers this tea produces a perfumed tea with similarities to Rose Congou - delicate on the palate.

Wild Cherry (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Laced with cherry leaves and true cherry flavour, this tea produces a full fruity taste.

Passion Fruit (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Large yellow petals in a black tea produce a sweet and scented flavoured tea.

Ginger and Pieces (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Just the hint of ginger results in a striking flavour to be enjoyed.

Cinnamon and Pieces (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Sometimes not in the catalogue but ever in stock - a warming winter tea enjoyed all year!

Mount Fuji (12.00/23.00/44.00)
A bold sencha leaf imparting smooth and flavourful combined with Vanilla giving body to this tea.

Earl Grey Green (13.00/25.00/48.00)
An Earl Grey with a difference, it's green. Large leaf tea with the unmistakable flavour of bergamot.

Organic Apple Blossom (12.00/23.00/44.00 O)
This sencha green tea is naturally flavoured with apple and further refined with the addition of tea blossoms.

Prairie Garden (12.00/23.00/44.00)
A stunning blend of green and white tea with rosebuds, flowers and the fresh flavour of rhubarb - evocative of a gentle spring rain.

Persian Nights (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Large green tea leaves blended with lemongrass, goji berries and blueberry.
Our prices are indicated in brackets and are in Canadian Dollars. The prices refer to 125g/250g/500g.

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