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Revised 28th August 2018 - Updates for Summer catalogue
China's share of the international market decreased during the present century due to competition from countries such as India and Ceylon. China still produces a bewildering range of teas loosely classified as black, green, oolong, scented or compressed.

Black teas are produced extensively throughout the country. Those from Fukien province are among the best known and referred to as Red Congous. Many scented variations exist, Rose Congou being one of the best known.

Fukien is also the source of other well known Souchong leaf teas such as Lapsang Souchong and green teas such as Jasmine and Flowers and its noble brother Yin Hao Jasmine. Another tea from this province is our high quality traditional oolong, Goddess of Mercy Premium Grade

Black teas from the Central provinces have very different characteristics. Notably, Anwhei province is the source of Keemun, the often named English Breakfast; devotees will enjoy our Imperial Black No. 10 and the remarkable Keemun Hao Ya 'A'.

Scented teas are produced throughout the growing areas. From truly green teas, such as Guangxi Guihua to blacks such as Lichee.

Exports from Yunnan, a mountainous region on the South West border, commenced around the end of the Second World War. It is also the source of compressed teas such as Pu Erh and associated teas such as Tuocha.

Our prices are indicated in brackets and are in Canadian Dollars. The prices refer to 125g/250g/500g.
Green Tea Powder (12.00/23.00/44.00/16.00 Tin)
Though perfected by the Japanese over 1000 years ago, green tea powder (matcha) originated from China by way of Zen Buddhism. Made with the powdered leaves of Camellia Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation, it is the only form of tea that is actually consumed.

Jade Apple Oolong (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Oolong with Apple flavour - perfectly refreshing hot or cold - try as an iced tea or brew in a pot!

Organic Pinhead Gunpowder (10.00/19.00/36.00 O)
Also known as Pearl tea, this offering has small tender buds rendering a sweet aroma, an amber liquor and a penetrating flavour.

Jasmine Teas

Yin Hao Jasmine (21.00/39.00/75.00)
Elegantly shaped leaves with downy, silver tips and few flowers. The infusion has a wonderful bouquet and delicate flavour.

Jasmine and Flowers (12.00/23.00/44.00)
The classic China green tea laced with the full aroma and oil of the Jasmine flower.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls (21.00/39.00/75.00)
Dragon Pearls are grown, steamed and hand rolled on farms in the Fujian Mountains from the top two leaves and the bud of new season growth. The infusion is light, fresh and sweet.


Huang Shan Mao Feng (21.00/39.00/75.00)
A classic Chinese green tea where only the new tea buds and the leaf next to the bud are picked. Light and fresh, slightly nutty with a floral sweetness and a pale apricot colour.
Imperial Black No. 10 (12.00/23.00/44.00)
A superior Keemun possessing winey, full colour and the characteristic hint of smokiness of a quality Keemun.
Keemun Hao Ya 'AA' (44.00/85.00/167.00)
If you enjoy Keemun teas - enjoy this superlative grade which we have a small quantity in stock for you to try!
Keemun Hao Ya 'A' (26.00/49.00/95.00)
Possessing a uniform and well shaped congou leaf, this popular tea retains a full complement of complex flavours and aromas with full, round Keemun taste.
Keemun Mao Feng Black (21.00/39.00/75.00)
This superior, full leaf grade of Keemun is a variety that is carefully processed so the shape resembles that of Mao Feng green tea.


Mutan Silver Tips (18.00/34.00/65.00)
White tea with a delicate ‘peony’ flavour, displaying long silver tips. Unrolled and unfermented, a unique tea.

White Monkey (21.00/39.00/75.00)
Otherwise known as Baimao Hou, this is a delicate green tea named after the appearance of the leaves which are said to resemble the hands of a whitehaired monkey.

Organic Shui Hsien Oolong (18.00/34.00/65.00 O)
This traditional oolong has natural orchid-like flavour with a lingering fragrance and possesses a clear, bright, amber colour.

Dà Hóng Páo (28.00/53.00/103.00)
This legendary tea is offered as a premium grade oolong brewing a deep gold/amber cup. The taste is smooth with a fragrant finish.

Goddess of Mercy Premium Grade (18.00/34.00/65.00)
Brewed in traditional Yixing pots this tea is fragrant, fruity and delicate. It sports curled leaves and can be infused several times.

Lapsang Souchong Superior Grade (21.00/39.00/75.00 O)
A high grade, tippy leaf gives this classic smoked tea a more refined and nuanced character.

China Lapsang Souchong (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Full charcoal smokiness, dark and thick, Lapsang Souchong with a large leaf brews an esoteric cup.

Wild Lapsang Souchong (18.00/34.00/65.00 O)
From the Wuyi mountains, where the highest trees grow at 2158m and can be more than 200 years old, this wild and rare tea is harvested early in the morning. It is not smoked but local pine tree branches are used to dry the tea, giving the leaves a unique pine and honey-like flavour.

Golden Needle Fujian (24.00/45.00/87.00)
Long slender black leaves, a late picked Panyong which brews a tea reminiscent of an Assam, deep in colour and spicy.

Lichee Congou (12.00/23.00/44.00)
A large leaf, black China scented tea from Fujian Province with a very characteristic flavour derived from the fruit.

Rose Congou (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Scented by rose petals to give a fragrant tea with delicate aroma and taste on the palate.


Guangxi Guihua (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Flower scented green tea with the prominent aroma of guihua, also known as osmanthus.


Ancient Baked Heart (21.00/39.00/75.00)
Growing at elevations of 6,000 to 7,200 ft on Wu Liang Mountain, this tea is harvested from ancient tea trees that produce a high quality green tea called Bi Luo Chun. The liquor is a light, golden green with medium body, notes of toasted rice and wildflowers.

Ancient Artisan Bi Luo Chun (32.00/61.00/119.00 O) Toasted pine nut taste with a light sweet finish. This tea has a heartier, more full body than Bi Luo Chun from other regions. Over 200 years ago, Tea Master Yang Kai's ancestors planted these very special, now ancient tea trees that produce his high quality Bi Luo Chun green tea. His family secret of making artisan, handmade green tea has been passed down since then for generations.

Black Luo Cha Snail Shape (21.00/39.00/75.00 O) Yunnan tea leaves carefully rolled into the shape of a spiral, very similar to a Fujian Bi Luo Chun (green tea). The infusion produces an amber-colored liquor that is as smooth as aged Pu-erh tea and has a malty sweet taste and lovely fragrance with a hint of chocolate and flowers.

Mengku Rich Valley Raw Pu Erh (24.00/45.00/87.00 O)
This long and twisted raw pu erh is picked from very rare, big leaf ancient tea trees which grow at a staggering height of over 7,200 feet high on Wuliang Mountain in Yunnan; the youngest of these trees are 'only' over 150 years old. Bright, golden liquor with notes of tobacco and earthy wildness.

Yunnan Moonlight White (21.00/39.00/75.00)
The leaves are taken from teas over 400 years old.... This white tea has long leaves, white on one side and shadowy grey on the other.

Yunnan Green Pagoda (21.00/39.00/75.00)
A mild-flavoured artisan tea made with a large leaf variety giving steady fragrance and an elegant after taste.

Yunnan Organic Green (16.00/30.00/57.00)
Look at the small needle green leaves of many shades - this is a classic green tea from a Province most noted for black. We think you will give it the thumbs up!

Black Dragon Ball Hong Long Zhu (28.00/53.00/103.00)
This special tea is completely hand-crafted by rolling the highest quality leaves and buds. When steeped, each ball will slowly unfurl resembling blossoming flowers. The taste is mellow with a touch of earthiness and subtle cocoa notes.

Black Needle Cangyuan (32.00/61.00/119.00 O)
This tea in particular has a red apple, cocoa bean aroma and has been hand-roasted in a wok over wood fire in the traditional way. It takes its name from its stunning leaf and its origin on the border of Myanmar. This is a rare organic tea not to be missed!

Yunnan Organic Black (14.00/27.00/52.00 O)
This large tippy leaf tea brews a full coloured cup. Enjoy its spicy flavour with distinct flowery overtones.

Golden Monkey (21.00/39.00/75.00)
This striking black tea (resplendent with large golden buds reminiscent of curled monkey paws) is rich, smooth and full bodied with deep earthy notes and an underlying sweetness of cedar and honey thrown in.

Yunnan Mao Jian (30.00/57.00/111.00)
Grown on cloud enveloped hillsides where tea was first cultivated, this black tea has long large golden tips and infuses to give a light yellow liquor which is refreshing and smooth to the palate.

10 Year Pu Erh (24.00/45.00/87.00)
Pu Erh is neither green nor black tea but on its own. Crafted from a big leaf tea of brown or dark red colour which imparts a sweet, mellow flavour and properties associated with longevity.

Pu Erh (14.00/27.00/52.00)
We stock a matured variety having the full earthy qualities you expect from an aged tea!

Pu Erh Tea Brick (26.00/250g)
If you like Pu Erh and have not tried a brick tea, this is the one we recommend!

Mini Tuo Cha (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Small individually wrapped cakes of Pu Erh. Just right for a mug of tea, the leaves can be re-infused up to three or four times.

Pu Erh Cake (40.00/350g)
If you like Pu Erh and have not tried a brick tea, this is the one we recommend!


Dragonwell First Grade (26.00/49.00/95.00)
A choice grade enjoyed equally by seasoned drinkers and tea explorers. Pale golden infusion with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

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