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Revised 15th August 2017 - Changes for Autumn catalogue....
While we invite you to try our range of blended teas, remember...... try out any mix to create your own, the results can be surprising. You can experiment or just combine all your favourites in one cup.
Alberta Clipper (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Enjoy the full colour and body of an Assam/Yunnan base with the unmistakable signature of Darjeeling. Tea with enough strength to combat the coldest of climates!

Mr. Maxey's Own (12.00/23.00/44.00)
Ceylon/Indian/China teas combine for a medium strength/full coloured breakfast tea.

Russian Caravan (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Blended to conjure up the sweat and travail of a caravan delivering its load of China teas to Russia. This blend has light smokiness from China black tea with a signature of oolong.

English Breakfast (12.00/23.00/44.00)
The beloved get-me-up for a cold day. This tea has been many things in tea's long history; we blend a full coloured, brisk, strong blend of Ceylon and Indian small leaf teas.

Calgary Welsh Breakfast (12.00/23.00/44.00)
This combination of traditional small leaf teas will take you back to the land of our fathers. The cup has full strength with a hint of smokiness.

Irish Breakfast (12.00/23.00/44.00)
A strong, full blend of Assams combined with the richness of Kenyan leaf. Enjoy beside the fire for a heartwarming cup.

Bow River Breakfast (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Tea Trader’s blend of Assam and Darjeeling teas – a classic combination enjoyed for many years. This breakfast tea is full flavoured with taste and aroma.

Decaffeinated Leaf (18.00/34.00/65.00)
Large Souchong China leaf processed to remove caffeine but retaining the body of a good tea.

Earl Grey (12.00/23.00/44.00) Decaffeinated Earl Grey (16.00/30.00/57.00)
The classic black tea favoured by tea drinkers worldwide. Colour, strength and full bergamot aroma and taste.

Maverick (13.00/25.00/48.00)
In celebration of Alberta, a black tea blend combining tangy blood orange, peaches, apricots and a hint of vanilla!

Famous 5 (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Five teas (Assam, Darjeeling, Keemun, Passionfruit and Rose Congou) combine in tribute to the struggle and determination of five women important in Canadian history.

Find out about the Famous 5 Foundation.

Harries' Toffee Cream (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Old Thomas was the tea purveyor from his shop in a village in South Wales. A black dessert tea flavoured with toffee caramel.

Noble House (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Vanilla scented sencha tea is enhanced by the flavour and aspect of flower petals.

Admiral Grey (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Mango, rose, cornflower and thistle complement the bergamot to give an Earl Grey with sweet, fruity flavour.

Eight Bells (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Admiral Grey's afternoon favourite combining Earl Grey, cream and flecks of passionfruit. How better to end the watch?

Taeping (13.00/25.00/48.00)
Flecks of rose and blue petals give a slight sweetness, a blend created with teas carried to port in this famous ship. A hint of lavender......

Rocky Mountain Chai (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Whole, crushed Indian spices and black tea combine to give an authentic taste. Traditionally served strong with hot milk and a dollop of honey.

Emerald Lake Chai (14.00/27.00/52.00)
On the slopes of the Rocky Mountains is a beautiful lake. Vanilla and spices makes a gem of a green tea.

Caledon Ginger Chai (14.00/27.00/52.00)
Enlivened with hand-crushed spices in a base of Rooibos and Honeybush, enjoy its flavour and goodness without any caffeine or tannins.

Our prices are indicated in brackets and are in Canadian Dollars. The prices refer to 125g/250g/500g.

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