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Tea Trader is an importer and retailer of tea situated in Inglewood, the oldest community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
It has been a cold month in Calgary, as I write, the temperatures are improving but still below freezing. We recently updated our catalogue linked below and new late season teas are recorded on Mr Maxeys Tea. Our opening hours are :

Tuesday - 10AM - 5PM
Wednesday - 10AM - 5PM
Thursday - 10AM - 5PM
Friday - 10AM - 5PM
Saturday - 10AM - 5PM
Sunday - 12PM - 4PM

We have just started the redevelopment of this site and hope to have it in place in a few weeks time. With the new site we will launch a blog with articles about our shop and other things happening in our locality. Our mail order website, Mr Maxey’s Tea, is now available and we are glad to report that our customers like it. Please follow the link below where you will find a full listing of our teas, a tea blog, and more information about us :

You can order tea for delivery by all the existing methods to your home or for collection from our shop. We invite you to share this link with your friends and leave reviews for the teas you like!
You are invited to view and download our online catalogue.

Whatever your taste, enjoy your tea!

To contact us please send an email to or call us by telephone (toll free on 1-888-MRMAXEY (1-888-676-2939) throughout Canada and the United States, for local customers, our number is 403-264-0728.
Revised 18th February, 2019
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