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Tea Trader is an importer and retailer of tea situated in Inglewood, the oldest community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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Our new web site is on the way, as it gets closer to release we are making changes to the catalogue to bring it in line with the new format. We will let you know as soon as it is on line and look forward to hearing how you like it.

As you may have noticed, the big gap is new Darjeeling teas. The area continues to experience serious political problems and no teas are leaving the area. We have some stock of last year's second flush teas which we trust will compensate. Again, we will let you know when the teas become available.

This year's Meleng Golden Tips is now in stock and another tea, Craighead Pekoe, has been added since the paper catalogue was printed. You are invited to view and download our online catalogue.

Whatever your taste, enjoy your tea!

To contact us please send an email to or call us by telephone (toll free on 1-888-MRMAXEY (1-888-676-2939) throughout Canada and the United States, for local customers, our number is 403-264-0728).
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Revised 30th August 2017
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