State of Affairs

While many stores are now open to the public, we are continuing to fill orders for pick-up at the door only. We will be looking at re-opening at some point though, so continue to check back with us.


While our shop remains closed to the public, we are continuing with orders for pick-up only:

  • Orders can be placed over the phone or online, and we’ll let you know when they’ll be ready for pick-up. Typically we’re able to turn them around fairly quickly but that can vary day to day.

  • For telephone orders, payment with a credit card in advance is best.

  • When you arrive, simply press the buzzer on the intercom and we will come down as soon as we can…usually within a minute but there can be delays.

  • Unfortunately, we aren’t accepting personal containers or re-used bags for filling.


After maintaining a printed catalogue since early 1994, we have decided to switch to a digital version only. With the emergence of our online ordering site, and the PDF version of the catalogue a few years ago, we have found that the demand for the paper copy has fallen off.